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Marjorie Ann Watson offers exceptional real estate services with a personal touch. With 15 years of experience in residential real estate, Marjorie offers her expertise to clients buying and selling homes in Teller, El Paso, Douglas and Elbert counties in Colorado.

Marjorie is well-known for being a compassionate, caring and dedicated advocate for her clients, who appreciate her extensive real estate and construction knowledge and helpful, caring approach.

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What My Clients Say

“Marjorie is the best in the business! We could not have done it without her. It was a complicated deal and she navigated it like the pro she is. Communication was quick and informative. She dealt with all of the hurdles really quick. She will alwa...”

“Best Real Estate Agent I've worked with! I have bought three and sold two homes with Marjorie, and she has always had a well-defined sense of detail with paperwork, is extremely knowledgable of the market, and is very easy to contact with questions....”

Kenneth L

“Exceptional and best realtor! Marjorie was the perfect agent to handle the listing, staging and sale of my patio home. The entire process was accomplished in a relatively short timeframe with excellent attention to detail. Not only is Marjorie very...”

Lee Winnike

“Extremely professional and knowledgeable Working with Marjorie was a delight! Her depth of knowledge and professionalism were apparent from the very start. She has a high degree of knowledge of contracts and real estate laws. She made me comfortable...”

Lissanna F

“Very helpful in a complicated situation Marjorie did a wonderful job for us, she was competent and very knowledgeable of our complicated circumstances. She worked hard for us and guided us in the difficult decisions we had to make. Verified by Rate...”

Ronnette B

“Marjorie was the agent selling my late husband’s land. Marjorie was professional, kept communicating with all involved and informing us of the latest updates we needed. Her follow-ups were timely, enabling us to get the closing done quickly. Veri...”

Susie H

“Diligent/Hardworking Marjorie displayed wonderful professionalism and was super diligent with getting the best deal possible. She did it smoothly and a lot more quickly than I had anticipated a land sell would happen. Definitely will be using again ...”

Kae B

“Outstanding agent and a good person Marjorie helps you understand all the steps and processes of buying a home. She kept us informed and aware of all changes. You want her on your side. She is the best and a wonderful person. Verified by RateMyAgent”

John J

“Excellent guidance Marjorie was a pleasure to work with. Time and time again during the homebuying process, we needed her expertise. The deal would not have worked out so well for us without her. She really kept the seller on point and made sure ...”

Katherine L

“Outstanding advocate in your corner! Marjorie is the best realtor I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had agents in the past who only cared about the commission, Marjorie is different. She cares about protecting her clients and avoiding the many pitfal...”

John R

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