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How to Ease Into Minimalism

Are you interested in the idea of minimalism, but unsure of where to start? Consider the following…Get your family on board. You’re fighting a losing battle if only one person in your household wants to minimize. Chat with your spouse, kids or roommate about why a minimalistic home space is important.Once everyone is on the same page, go room by room and itemize your belongings.After youve tak...

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3 Ways to Soothe Your Pet During Storms

When preparing to batten down the hatches during a storm, don’t forget to pay attention to your furry family members. Loud, unpredictable noises and an uptick of electrical currents in the air can make your pet seriously scared when the weather goes wild. Here are three ways to soothe your dog or cat during an electrical storm.Create a comfortable space. Many animals like small, tight spaces whe...

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Retro Colors Make a Comeback: What's Hot in Decor Right Now

Everything old is new again, and that goes for decorating with color. While the last decade in home dcor has largely been defined by white and varying shades of beige and gray, todays designers are harking back to yesteryear with paint colors, furniture and even kitchen appliances.Part art deco, part 50s suburban and part 60s mod, these awesome retro colors are fresh and refreshed to fit todays ta...

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How to Use Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards are helpful and convenient.Unless you use them wisely, though, you could find yourself in financial trouble.Charge responsibly by using a credit card only for items you need, rather than want, and for emergency situations.Dont max out cards, or risk jeopardizing your credit score and future loans.Try paying your full balance every month to avoid wasteful interest charges.Always pay cr...

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Getting Creative With Your Wall Space

Do you have a blank wall with no idea what to put on it? Rethink the boring family photo with these interesting ideas.Get wordy. Whether youre a logophile or are just looking to amp up the playful vibe of your space, adding large text to your wall can be innovative and inspirational. You can purchase a variety of word hangings online, or create your own with stencils for a literal conversation sta...

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Bring Peace to Your Bedroom

While world peace is a great idea, if you want to add a touch of calm to your life, begin with your bedroom. Your room isn’t merely the place to rest your head, it’s where you wake, and the vibe of your room can set the tone for the rest of your day. Below are five tips for bringing a peaceful vibe to your bedroom.Choose calming colors. While red or orange may be your favorite fiery hue, when ...

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What You Need to Know About Indoor Vertical Gardens

Heres what you need to know before designing your indoor vertical garden…Design DetailsIndoor living walls require a series of pockets to hold the plants, as well as drip irrigation systems.Pick Your PlantsSunlight will determine the plants best suited to your vertical garden. Golden pothos and crotons do well in bright, indirect light……While ferns can grow quickly in shady places.Sit Back a...

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What to Do If a Bank Offers You Credit Card Protection

A common phone call that new credit cardholders get from their bank is an offer for credit card add-on products, such as protection against fraud and identity theft. Payment protection is another service offered regularly, providing a monthly payment to the cardholders account if they lose their job or are sick in the hospital.Credit monitoring and debt-cancellation products are optional and are p...

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