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How FICO 9 May Increase Credit Scores

How medical debt and other collection items are tallied in a credit score is changing, potentially increasing the credit scores of millions of people.Called the FICO 9, the new credit score changes how medical collections are treated from non-medical changes, such as credit cards. A medical debt will now damage a credit score less than paying a credit card bill on time, for example.FICO 9 came out...

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Make Your Home Stand Out With Millennial Pink

Like the generation its named for, millennial pink is all around us. Its a fun, daring, sophisticated hue that isnt exactly new, but lately seems to have caught the eye of legions of clothing and dcor designers.Not quite salmon, not quite rose and a far cry from traditional Barbie pink"millennial pink can best be described as a soft, subtle pink with some gray tones and a slight hint of peach. Its...

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Daily Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle if you keep on top of it. Here are some small daily steps you can take to keep your home clean.Post-shower swipe. To keep mold at bay, store a washcloth in your shower that you use for wiping down surfaces after you turn the water off. Just make sure everyone in the family knows the purpose of the rag so it doesn’t end up on anyone’s face! Swap the rag ou...

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9 Ways to Save on Life Insurance

Buying life insurance can seem like a difficult and expensive endeavor if you havent done it before. Both can be overcome if you have a good insurance agent.Here are nine ways to save on life insurance, all of which you should ask your agent about:Dont smoke: Smokers are more likely to die younger than nonsmokers, making smoking one of the biggest health risks and reasons to have higher insurance ...

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Making Your Money Last Long Into Retirement

The average length of retirement in the United States is 18 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.How do retirees pay for those 18 years? Retirement plans vary, though most people eventually collect Social Security and Medicare benefits. Here are some strategies for making the most of your money that’s set aside for retirement:Maximize Social SecurityTo get the maximum in Social Security be...

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How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

If you’re the proud owner of a hardwood floor, you may be engaged in a constant cleaning battle. Hardwood looks best when it’s buff and gleaming, but with a busy schedule, it can be hard to keep the floors sparkling at all times. Below are a handful of tips for quickly cleaning your wood floors.Clear the space. This may seem obvious, but it’s an often-overlooked step in the cleaning process....

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How to Ask for a Higher Credit Card Limit

A higher credit limit can help in an emergency, allow you to make any necessary large purchases and even, in some instances, improve you credit score. Asking for a higher credit limit, however, can seem awkward.Higher credit limits are typically offered to people with the highest credit scores for a simple reason"theyre considered the most likely to pay their bill on time and not default. Someone ...

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How to Earn Credit Card Grace-Period Perks

If you pay your credit card bill in full each month and dont pay interest, youre using your credit wisely.Youre not only getting a free 50-day loan through a credit cards grace period, but you can get some of the best credit card rewards without having to pay the high interest rates that usually accompany the best rewards cards.Low-interest credit cards can offer modest rewards. High-interest card...

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Contribute to a 529 College Savings Plan With Gift Cards

Parents contributing to a 529 college savings plan may find it difficult, if not a little time-consuming, to transfer cash and checks that their children receive on their birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations into the popular college savings fund.Instead of not knowing if their cash gift is going to pay for college or for a night out on the town, grandparents and others can buy gift cards an...

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