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Organizing Your Finances as a College Graduate

If you’ve just graduated from college, this is the perfect time to establish smart financial habits. With hopefully a full-time job awaiting, this is the time to establish habits you’ll continue throughout your life.Where to start? It’s likely you’ve racked up some student loan debt. The good news is that federal student loans come with a grace period after graduation of usually six months...

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How to Make Your Home a Wellness Sanctuary

Make your home a healthy and relaxing environment by adhering to these concepts…Circadian LightingSmart light bulbs that dont give off any blue light will help you keep a normal circadian rhythm.Spa-Like BathroomsA walk-in rain shower, sauna and massage room will help you feel your best.Neutral ColorsNeutral colors tend to be more soothing and help put us at ease.Biophilic DesignCreate living sp...

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How Music Lessons Can Help Your Child's Development

Music is an integral part of life from an early age. Parents sing and play soothing music for babies to help them fall asleep. Music can help with intellectual development. When children begin preschool, teachers sing songs to help them learn about letters, colors, animals and a host of other topics. Music can help children express their emotions in a positive way. Dancing to a song can help kids ...

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What to Look for in a Credit Card Mobile App

A credit card’s mobile app can give you immediate access to your account, making it easier to track purchases, make payments, review monthly statements, report a lost card and view rewards, among other things.But not all mobile apps are the same, and knowing what’s available can make it easier to choose a credit card and find the features you want in an app. Of course, that’s after you’ve ...

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The Upsides of a Home Security System

Thinking about adding a home security system?Criminals are less likely to target homes with built-in security, so installing one could protect your family and valuables.Safety isnt the only benefit, though.Some systems let you control them remotely, allowing you to unlock the door for visitors and keep an eye on your kids from work.Security features could also be an attractive selling point if you...

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Arranging Living Room Furniture

As any homeowner knows, the living room is a major focal point of the home. From family gatherings throughout the year to sitting back and watching TV together at the end of a long week, the living room is often a home’s social center for family and friends alike.That being said, furniture placement can distract from such gatherings, affecting the comfort and functionality of the room.Here are s...

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5 Ways to Save Energy and Money

Cutting down on energy use is great for the environment. It can also save you big bucks. Alternative energy proponent IGS Energy suggests four green and easy ways to do both:Minimize ‘phantom loads.’ The term ‘phantom load’ refers to the energy that an appliance or electronic device consumes when it is not actually turned on. According to theU.S. Department of Energy(DOE), some 75 percent ...

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How to Make a Large Home Feel Intimate

Here are a few tips to help make a large home feel more intimate.Textures and ColorsDark walls can make a space appear smaller. Rich earth tones, like brown, dark green and red create a cozy ambience.Thoughtful FurnishingsA spacious room may benefit from multiple seating areas that serve various purposes, such as a quiet reading nook and a separate space with couches where groups can hang out.Embr...

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